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The Full Story


The Pardes Group is much more than a office or a small company.

Our organization is composed by thousands of professionals, offices and companies that working together can achieve their own goals and their community objectives.

The Pardes Group Ltd, act as an integrator system of all task forces in situation,the market or cases in those  exist opportunities and goals to be achieved with profitable return over the investments made by the investors and partners.

Nowadays we have many projects in development, in conclusion or in study, and you can achieve great return over the investment made with us and in our projects or programs.

From hotel and hospitality, to food and agribusiness, from buildings to airport and aeronautics developments, here you can find the better investment that are available in our offices.

Take a look in some of then next ...


Senior Villages

Inside a planned area, one residential complex is created to offer the best facilities and comfort for an high exclusive customers.

Special facilities, high technology assembled in each square meters of the surface inside the residential area of the Senior Village project, offer security, comfort, life quality and  special advantage that not exist out or our limits.


Beach Banquet

Hotel & Resort

  • Acquisitions

  • Mergers

  • Development

  • Building

  • Real Estate Properties

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