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Investor Relationships

In nowadays, our company works with more than 5.200 investors around the world.

Each one of then are registered in our data bank, and we have a complete profile of each company, bank, or private investor.

So, when our group accept to develop a new program, or a project; we select the investor team to complete the investment that are need in the same.

We never works with only one investor, but always composes a pool of investors, that cover all development and investment need to success of the project or program.

This way of acting causes the risks to be diluted and distributed by all providers of financial resources involved in development.

While reducing individual profits, it increases the comfort of all providers of financial resources involved.

In each project, one special purposes company is created, and the assets (that can be the land, money, property or others assets)  is registered in name of the company; that is used to creates the economic support for financial services added to program.

In each project, a special team of experts are hired to development, an economic structure is created to support the financial resources and the future of the project or program.

When this team have studied and developed the strategic business plan, and we (Pardes Group) have more than 85% of success probability, is that the project is started.

A site is created, a virtual space (expanded reality) is mounted in the Pardes Group digital world, and the investors can see all development in real time.

Also is created a project site, in that all parts have their personal space and structure for development and interaction between the team parts.

Month report and real time tools is used to maintain the investor relationship always online and with information for comfort and tranquility of the investor in the group.

Our Business

Our company have severe rules and works according international law system, best practices and World Bank norms to achieve our goals.

All project need be ESG sustainable and need respect the local law system and international rules for their acceptance.

Our proposal are based in developed projects and programs that are under severe control and rigid system of quality and surveillance.

Every project is created in full accordance with the PMI - Project Management Institute, that allow us and the customer to see every stage and part, or step of the development and operational stage.

Transparency, quality, control and oversight are active parts of our daily procedures at the group and at all associated offices and partners.

To ensure transparency and provide comfort to investors, in each project a special platform is created in our systems, in our internet service provider, and this platform allows real-time monitoring of all stages and phases of all projects, from its idealization, to its final installation and operation.

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