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Energy & Natural Resources

This Program is devoted to ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES  development programs around the world. 


Focused in many different places, and countries of the world, in that energy and natural resources can be used to increase the group assets and properties, and, of course, the net profit of the proposal project.


Our target is to achieve the most important and most valued projects in the segment, increasing the energy quantity that can be offered for local and regional population, adding value to properties and proposal of local developments.


The most important region in that our group will act in next decade is Latin America, Africa and Asia, including desert areas and with poor people, in that the government programs can´t act.


Latin America is one of most valuable region in world to develop this program.


The great extension of Brazilian territory, that turns impossible the usual energy distribution through electric lines.


Also have the Paraguay , in that not exist support and electric distribution, the south of Argentine, in that the energy generation is very important but in that not exist natural resources to produces it.


In Africa, the diversity of cultures and people turns impossible the generation and distribution of energy through government programs, and the great distance from the energy generation centres and the people that need the energy creates one of most important need for the solution proposed by our team.


Asia, because the great number of islands and isolated communities turns impossible the electric distribution through physical lines and need a singular solution for the crescent demand of energy.

Desert region, subject to severe climates situations, isolated community, people that can not obtain energy from usual methods and regions in that the emergency of natural catastrophes can put the population in life risk.

Using different energy generation forms, increasing the distribution and local generation centre or creating different way to offer energy for people, we can achieve our goals to complete with success our project.

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The Energy division is one of most valuable division inside the Pardes Group.

This division is responsible to develop all projects, sub-projects and evaluation of energy available in each development made by Pardes Group and their associates.

The development of energy generation plant, distribution of energy inside the project plant and planning of energy needs is one of the contribution that are requested by the group from this division.

Wind Turbines
Colorful Crystal

Natural Resources

The Latin America is a richest place.

We can find from iron ore (with great purity level) to gold, silver, cooper, uranium, niobium, and many others products that are essential for technology development.

We have many offices around all Latin America that have land to be exploited, and that can be part of a development agreement between investors, land proprietary, industry of technology and others.

Our approach is based in the vision that the investor need a valuable project, and have interest only in the profit, the technology company need the final product and the land owner need money to develops their property.

So, we made the project and promotes the approach between  all parts ...

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