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Technology & communications

Communications and technology... This knowledge area is one of most important in nowadays.


Every day, billion of peoples uses the technology for their labor, leisure and education. Today, the civilization is more and more dependent of the technology to survive, developed and growth.

In each project, program and proposal in that our teams are involved, the technology is our instrument, tool and working place for each one person, team, and office that contributes for the success of all with their labor, and knowledge.

During last decade, the communication, turns more and more effective, easy and popular. The internet, data transmissions, voice call, virtual meeting and effectively the virtual life, is usual and common for each person that uses the smart phone in every place of world.

Investment in technology and communication is a certain channel for the future growth.

During last two years our Latin America division buy some resources for internet provider in that we can offer sites, resources and programs for the costumer and that can increase the group productivity. 

In this sector, our team are focused in Internet providers, (over than 10,000 clients), infrastructure providers ( satellite and optical fiber, and transmit of internet services through radio systems)

Also focused in University and schools support, services and maintenance, including computers, robotic kit for education and training services. 

Our company have been negotiating with CNPEM (National Center of Energy and Materials), a private government partnership company that are responsible by the Sirius project and the most important developments in nanotechnology in Latin America and world, to creates a development partnership between our groups.

The use of technology in agribusiness, the remote control of production, use of remote sensor of land, including the use of robots, remote controlled machines, drones and small airplanes (unmanned vehicle ) for remote mapping.

New industrial plants, controlled by computers and AI (artificial intelligence), is the near step for our group and expert teams.

In this sector, we can achieve the best returns over the investment, over than 15 % by year, and with profit over the sales.

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